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Tips For Adding "All-Day Breakfast" To Your Restaurant's Offerings

If you run a restaurant and are looking for ways to diversify, adding "all-day breakfast" to your menu is certainly an option. Since you'll likely be one of a few restaurants where people can go to get breakfast food after noon, you can expect to draw quite a crowd. But how do you go about adding all-day breakfast to your offerings without stressing out your staff or otherwise having to cut back? Here are a few tips to help guide you.

Keep your menu short.

Serving an all-day breakfast does not have to mean serving a full menu of 10 different types of pancakes and 6 omelets all day. Even if you have a fairly extensive breakfast menu that you serve during normal breakfast hours, you can have a separate, more limited menu that you serve later in the day as your all-day breakfast menu. Even offering just five or six classic dishes can work well. Make sure you offer at least one or two sweet items and one or more savory items. People can walk in wanting either a savory or a sweet breakfast, so you want to make sure they can all find something to fit their tastes.

Assign one or two kitchen staff members to breakfast foods.

When the kitchen has been making burgers or other lunch fare for hours, it can be hard for them to suddenly switch gears and make a plate of pancakes. This tends to be easier if just one or two staff members are assigned to focus on breakfast orders. This way, your entire kitchen won't have to shift gears when a table comes in and orders breakfast. You may even want to set up a separate station in the kitchen for breakfast items if you have the space to do so.

Keep track of what sells.

Track what breakfast items you sell the most during the first few weeks that you offer breakfast all day. If there are certain menu items that are not selling, consider nixing them so you don't have to keep the ingredients for those items in stock. Sometimes, what people order when they want breakfast food at 2 pm is different from what they might order at 9 am.

With the tips above, you should have an easier time adjusting to serving all-day breakfast at your restaurant. This will soon become something your customers really appreciate you for.