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Goal: Serve The Best Burger In Town

Don't be fooled. It's not the bun. Nor is it the fresh garden veggies or fancy condiments. The secret to an incredible hamburger lies in the preparation of the beef pattie. A well-formed pattie cooks consistently, is free from the little divots and tears that allow most of the juices to escape, and just looks nicer, especially if you serve them open-faced on the bun.

At home, when you want a hamburger, you start with a ball and then meticulously pat it out into a pattie. Along the way, you make sure to maintain a consistently even thickness and density. This takes time, especially if you have several mouths to feed. Oh, but it's worth it when you take that first bite.

Unfortunately, creating each burger pattie by hand is too inefficient for most restaurants. For one thing, since portion size and profitability are so closely linked, creating individual meatballs of equal weight becomes a time-consuming nightmare. Then, making patties of equal thickness eats up even more time. Time is the one thing most restaurant kitchens don't have.

Hamburger moulding equipment provides a solution. You simply load the ground beef into the loader tray. Then, the machine presses out the burgers. All of the time spent creating patties manually is done in seconds by mechanical action. 

Hamburger moulders create patties of uniform thickness and density. In a commercial kitchen, this makes them a snap to grill. The cook knows the exact time it takes to cook each burger. This is especially handy if you prepare burgers at different temperatures per customer request. The uniform density also prevents any bacteria from being able to linger.

Most moulding equipment also comes with the ability to automatically separate patties with pre-cut pieces of wax paper. This makes it easy to create stacks of patties that are ready to be refrigerated. For anyone who's ever manually patted out thirty patties and then separated and stacked them in a plastic container, automatic separation is a lifesaver. It actually reduces worker fatigue and makes your employees more efficient. 

The Extra Mile

The quality of your patties is the quality of your burger. However, if you really want a hit, try serving your hamburgers with shredded lettuce. For their burgers, most restaurants will usually peel and trim individual leaves from a head of lettuce. While this is fine, there something about that shredded lettuce that gives a burger that extra snap. Plus, as you know, crisp iceberg lettuce pairs well with any condiment or dressing.

A food bowl chopper makes quick work of shredding lettuce. Even the best prep cook, with the most phenomenal of knife skills, can barely keep up with a decently trained prepper and a food bowl chopper.

For more information, reach out to a hamburger moulder equipment supplier in your area.