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Mass Produce Sausages for a Public Event

If you use a manual sausage maker to prepare homemade sausage links, you may be accustomed to the difficulty associated with acquiring an even link length and thickness. Preparing disproportionate and varied sausages may be acceptable when you are planning on serving your family breakfast or dinner, but if your homemade creations will be served to the public, the irregular sizing may not go over so well.

Purchase an industrial sausage linker to assist you with quickly and accurately creating large batches of sausage.

Learn About The Unit Types

An electric sausage maker contains a reservoir that the filling is placed inside of, a casing feeder, and an output and twisting station. A maker may include an automatic cutter, which will slice cleanly through natural, cellulose, or collagen casings. An industrial sausage maker varies in size, which will affect the rate of speed that casings can be stuffed.

A tabletop electric model is suitable for household or small scale restaurant preparations. A hydraulic linker is typically used for mass producing sausages. Either type of industrial maker contains stainless steel parts that are hand washable. The setting functions that a machine possesses will allow a user to adjust the length and thickness of each product. This results in the ability to create standard sausage links, bratwurst, and wieners.

Make Preparations For Your Initial Batch

Purchase ground meat and the casing variety that you prefer. Load the casings into the sausage maker. If you are going to prepare a mixture that contains pork and beef or a combination of two or more meat varieties, add the ground products to a bowl and blend them. Use seasonings and any other ingredients that your sausage recipe calls for. Load the meat into the reservoir and turn the machine on.

Observe how quickly sausages are prepared and separated. This will allow you to gauge how quickly you will be able to produce the desired yield. Since you are going to be serving sausages to the public, you may want to set your machine up at the venue where the food items are going to be served.

This will allow you to prepare sausages on demand. If you will be working in a kitchen setting that contains a grill or a stovetop unit, having the machine within a close proximity to the cooking gear will allow you to quickly prepare the sausages that are ordered and cook them soon afterward.