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Event Planning Company Services

When it comes to big events, save yourself time and stress by calling on the services of a professional event planning company. While they are equipped to handle all large-scale affairs, such as wedding receptions, conferences, and corporate events, they will also help out with smaller events, including birthday parties and anniversary celebrations, as well. If you're planning a large holiday get-together and are short on time, event planning gurus may also be able to help you in a pinch.

Most large event companies handle everything from food catering to lighting and everything in between. If they don't provide a particular service that you need, they can recommend other industry professionals to get the job done.

Following is a list of services that the majority of event planning companies provide: 

1. Logistics 

When planning a big event, the first things to nail down are the logistics. Event planners will help you find the perfect venues for your specific event, such as a barn for a country-inspired wedding reception, a park with a picnic area for a corporate or family event, or a hotel conference room for a presentation.

After you've decided on a location, the planning professionals can then work out a contract with the venue. They will often negotiate to stay within your event budget as well. 

Another logistic that event planners typically handle is guest transportation to and from venues. Depending on your preferences, they can reserve limos, party buses, and taxis, among other transport options.

2. Catering 

Many event planning companies also provide in-house catering services as an added convenience to clients. They will discuss menu options with you to plan the perfect meal for your event, whether it be a picnic lunch, a casual BBQ, or a gourmet, multi-course dinner. Be sure to let them know of any diet restrictions prior to menu planning. 

3. Audio/Visual

Whether you want to make a presentation at a conference or show a photo montage at a wedding reception, event planners may be able to provide the audio and visual equipment you need, as well as set it up at the venue. 

4. Decor Selection

Event professionals can also help you select decor for the event venue based on a theme or color scheme, such as a beach-inspired wedding reception. Then, they will be able to recommend other event companies to lend or give you items such as LED lighting, furniture, tents, floral arrangements, and linens and tableware. 

Talk to an event planning company like Personal Touch Experience to find out what services they offer to help your event go smoothly.