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Celebrating The Big Silver Anniversary: Three Creative Ways To Cut Costs Without Cutting Anything Out

Hitting twenty-five years in marriage, or the Silver Anniversary as it is commonly called, is a cause for a major celebration. With the invites and decoration, the price of things can build up pretty quickly, leaving you over budget and broke. There is no need to stress. You can actually cut a few corners without it being noticeable. One of the most expensive items on your list will be the cost of food. Though you can't let your guests go hungry, there are several creative ways to cut down on the cost of food.

Make It A Sweet Affair

There aren't any rules saying that your anniversary celebration has to be at dinner time. If you start the celebration after dinner and offer desserts and treats instead, it will cut down on the cost of food drastically. Having a dessert table will make the celebration more intimate as well. By incorporating desserts, you will have more time to mingle and talk, making the anniversary party more personal for you and your guests.

Use Your Hands

Finger foods are perfect for celebrations. You can cut down on your food bill by just providing simple foods that your guests can pick up. Not only will you not have to hassle with the washing of the dishware afterward, you also won't have to worry about who has food allergies and who is now a vegetarian. Incorporating finger foods will also cut down on preparation time so you won't have to stress about running around and getting everything finished at the last minute.

Try A Potluck

If you want to get really creative with your budget cut, consider doing a potluck style menu. Having a potluck will not only cut back on costs and save you money, but it will take some of the stress off of you by having close guests help. Ask your close family and friends to bring their signature dish to your celebration. Assign some close guests to bring the main course and others to bring a simple side dish or dessert. Celebrating your bug twenty-five years together is an amazing achievement so family members may be more than happy to be involved. If you choose to go this route, be sure to ask them at least two weeks in advance. This will give them enough time to think and plan for the perfect dish to bring.

Celebrating your twenty-five years together in marriage is an amazing accomplishment, so it's no wonder you want to go all out. You can also always decide to go with a catered event so that you can relax and let someone else handle the details. Click the following link if you're interested in learning more about this topic.